Lenovo Selects Nexenta for Lenovo StorSelect Program; Introduces Joint OpenSDS-Based Enterprise Storage Solution

Earlier today, you may have heard about Lenovo’s StorSelect Program, which allows customers to confidently deploy new storage technologies using pre-loaded appliances with software from best-of-breed, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) on proven Lenovo systems. The StorSelect solutions enable easy expansion for scalable deployments, as well as integration with existing storage infrastructures. The program will also offer quality, engineering expertise and access to Lenovo’s worldwide global services.

In March 2016, we announced our partnership with Lenovo as part of this program with a shared initiative to drive broader adoption of next-generation software storage solutions. We introduced a joint solution that integrates our award-winning, software-defined storage (SDS) with Lenovo x86 servers: The Lenovo Storage DX8200N powered by NexentaStor.

The Lenovo Storage DX8200N powered by NexentaStor allows you to accelerate and simplify unified file and block storage deployments. At the same time, this pre-validated turnkey solution provides easy scalability and simplified management at a fraction of the cost of legacy systems—without trade-offs in availability, reliability or functionality.

The integrated solutions will offer Lenovo customers worldwide, both scale-up and scale-out reference architectures on all flash, hybrid and spinning media systems. These solutions with Lenovo’s industry leading service and support will deliver a new SDS standard.

Target use cases for the Lenovo Storage DX8200N powered by NexentaStor solution include:

  • Unified File (NFS and SMB) and Block (Fibre Channel and iSCSI) services
  • VMware cloud backend storage
  • OpenStack and CloudStack backend storage
  • Generic NAS file services and Home Directory storage
  • Near-line archive and large scale backup repositories

“Lenovo recognizes Software-Defined Storage as the strategic storage solution to deliver revolutionary economics for enterprise and cloud storage needs,” said David Lincoln, General Manager of the Storage Business Unit at Lenovo. “We have selected Nexenta as a key partner for our StorSelect Program and are leveraging Nexenta’s deep storage software R&D skills and Lenovo’s proven enterprise servers to deliver an innovative, trusted, and scalable enterprise storage solution. Lenovo Storage DX8200N powered by NexentaStor will give customers the freedom to scale their data to meet business needs today and tomorrow.”

While pricing will vary on capacity and media types, you can expect affordable cents per gigabyte pricing for complete systems including three years of technical support.

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If you’re planning to attend Lenovo’s Tech World conference on June 9, 2016 in San Francisco, please visit the Data Center Group showcase at the Fairmont to see demos of the new Lenovo Storage DX8200N powered by NexentaStor solution.


Nexenta is the global leader is Software-defined Storage.

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