GleSYS’ joint NexentaStor/InfiniFlash system deployment to be focus of upcoming webinar

In April, we announced that GleSYS Internet Services AB (GleSYS), a next-generation cloud platform provider based in Sweden, had deployed ours and SanDisk’s joint All Flash Software-Defined Storage Solution. The NexentaStor/InfiniFlash solution delivers cost effective, high performance storage architecture, empowering GleSYS and its customers to quickly scale capacity as required.

Providing hosted internet solutions to nearly 3,500 customers around the world, GleSYS specializes in offering its public cloud services to small- and medium-sized businesses on a self-serve basis.  Prior to selecting the joint solution, the company was struggling to ensure the reliability of its storage solutions for customers, many of whom require extra performance provisioning instantly. However, GleSYS now has access to flexible and reliable storage architecture and, with unparalleled and limitless scalability to boot, the company has a tool that can support its impressive year-on-year growth predictions.

The deployment has been a huge success with GleSYS able to provide powerful and reliable cloud architectures to its increasing customer base. The solution has provided the company with numerous technical benefits, including:

  • The new architecture runs at a constant 20k Input/Output Operations per Second (IOPS), with a latency of less than 1.5ms in its daily operations. The previous solution was only able to reach a maximum of 12k IOPS
  • While IOPS currently peak at around 80k, GleSYS believes this is not the limit of the solution, but rather the max utilization that it has seen from its current hardware
  • In regards to data center footprint, GleSYS has a 64TB hybrid storage solution allocating 16U. The joint solution can hold up to 512TB in only 7U

The GleSYS success story will be discussed in more detail during an upcoming webinar, May 11th 2016, 7am PT.  Executives from GleSYS, Nexenta, SanDisk and Layer 8 will take a deep dive into the challenges that the organization was facing with its legacy storage set-ups, and how the NexentaStor/InfiniFlash system is ensuring better storage performance and reliability for the company and its customers. Register for the webinar here:

For more information on the GleSYS deployment, the full case study can be viewed here (English) or here (Swedish).




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