3 Simple Ways To Protect Your Data From Ransomware

By: Michael B. Letschin, Field CTO

Ransomware attacks have become one of the biggest threats to enterprise data. WannaCry was released just a few months back, and yesterday, an even more sophisticated attack was launched called Petya.

This new attack locks down a computer’s hard drive and demands payment in Bitcoin to unlock the user’s system. They claim it will send a password after payment, but there is a slim chance that a password that will ever arrive.

The one thing these attacks have in common is they are based on the EternalBlue tool that was leaked from the NSA.  The tool specifically attacks vulnerabilities on Windows systems.

So how do you protect your corporate data? There are 3 Simple ways.

  • Store your Data on a Centralized Storage Array like NexentaStor

Since the file services stack in NexentaStor is not based on Windows, these vulnerabilities are not present in our software and you can be more confident that your data won’t be at risk.

  • Create a Snapshot Schedule

Another benefit of using an enterprise storage array is the ability to create a snapshot schedule that will allow you to roll back to a point in time before any attack on a connected system might have occurred.  With unlimited snapshots in NexentaStor, you can be sure you have a timely and accurate copy of your data, regardless of user interactions.

  • Replicate your Data to a Secondary System

Finally, a centralized array offers you the ability to replicate that data offsite to a secondary system within your own corporate firewall or even to one of the many service providers that use NexentaStor as their replication targets.

Data integrity has always been a core, fundamental component of the Nexenta software stack. We consistently make this a priority to ensure you get the full benefit of that and your critical corporate data isn’t held ransom.  If you’d like to learn more about our storage solutions, click here.


I am a virtualization and storage focused solutions architect with a love for sports, cars, and jeeps. Dont be surprised if you see those sneak in every once in a while

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