Managing Software-Defined storage for your virtualized infrastructure just got a whole lot easier.

Nexenta is proud to announce our first vCenter Web Client plugin to support the NexentaStor platform. The NexentaStor vCenter Web Client Plugin is a plug-in for vSphere 5.5 and NexentaStor 4.0.3 that provides integrated management of NexentaStor storage systems within vCenter. The plug-in will allow the vCenter administrator to automatically configure NexentaStor nodes via vCenter.

VMware administrators can provision, connect, and delete storage from NexentaStor to the ESX host, and view the datastores within vCenter.

04CreateiSCSINot only can you provision the storage but managing it is also simple with integrated snapshot management.

05SnapshotThe plugin also allows for closer analytics and reporting on the storage through vCenter as detailed below.

Check out the screenshots below, and download the vCenter Web Client Plugin today from the NexentaStor product downloads page.

General details about Storage:

  • Volume Name
  • Connection Status
  • Provisioned IOPs
  • Provisioned Throughput
  • Volume available space and Used space

Storage Properties

  • Datastore name
  • NFS Server IP address
  • Datastore Path and capacity details

Datastore Properties:

  • Total capacity
  • Used capacity
  • Free capacity
  • Block size
  • Datastor IOPs, Throughput, and Latency

Snapshot Management:

  • List existing snapshots
  • Create new snapshots
  • Clone existing snapshots
  • Restore to a snapshot
  • Delete Snapshots
  • Schedule snapshots

End-to-End Datastore Provisioning:

  • Creating a new volume in Storage Array
  • Attach the volume to host as datastore

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